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1 LED liquid crystal engine
AOKANG LCD TV engine technology, through analysis and purification to enhance picture effect, intelligent proportion of RGB color ratio, allowing you to enjoy high-definition 1080P clear picture, showing the natural color for you.
2 AI frequency conversion system
Through the LED backlight control capability, equipped with AI frequency conversion system, according to the external light changes, intelligent adjustment of TV brightness, for you to show more moving details, watch more gentle.
3 Online video platform
The number of Chinese built TV video client, let you stay at home movie, imagine TV channel popular TV shows, sports, entertainment, gossip more fresh music and colorful content, enjoy the big feast, fun vod.
4 USB blue light decoding
Connected through the USB interface, will be stored in the external storage device on the pictures, videos and music playing on the big screen, high speed read H.264, MPEG2 video format, lossless decoding of HD files, realize large screen HD watch.
5 VGA interface, easy to connect host
As long as the local VGA interface and computer host VGA interface, you can easily realize the computer monitor.
6 Rubik's cube, audio, N kinds of scenes
Built-in Rubik's cube audio and video, you can according to the way the TV set, select the appropriate sound field sound effect, automatic volume control, no longer make the volume of television suddenly big, small, from now on to open the TV sound N scenes.
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Foshan AOKANG Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Foshan AOKANG Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd., founded in August 2008, is located in the beautiful scenery of Guangdong city in Foshan Province, South China Sea, adjacent to the "Southern Taoyuan" central television movie and Television City, convenient transportation, 30 kilometers from the provincial capital city of Guangzhou city.Is a research and development, production and sales of sp...

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